'Wild England ' 2021, Gouache, Acrylic, ink on paper 

The Blue Hour,2019. (detail) Ink, Watercolour, Gouache on Hand stained Paper 

Shepherds Country Clench Common, 2018, Gouache, watercolour, ink, pencil, on hand stained paper 

Fir Plantation between Huish and Oare, 2018 Pencil, Gouache, ink on hand stained paper 

Golden Ball Hill, 2019, Watercolour, Ink, Gum Abarabic on Prepared paper 

Holiday 2019. Ink, acrylic, gouache, gum arabic on hand marbled paper 

 Lonely Rider before Martinsel, 2020, ink, marbling inks 

Dayspring - , 2007, Ink, Gouache ,Watercolour on hand stained paper 

'The Thrill of the Chase' 2021 Ink, Acrylic, Gouache on Paper 

Sheep Droves on Huish Hill, 2017, Ink, Gouache, Watercolour on hand stained paper 

The Ridgeway, Marlborough Downs, 2018, Ink, Gouache, Watercolour on hand stained paper 

 The Coombe at Clench Common (2020) Ink on paper 

Full Moon over Gopher Hill, 2018. Oil, watercolour, gouache, ink, on Bockingford paper 

 Gopher Hill, Huish - Nocturne (2020) Gouache, watercolour, Ink, on hand stained paper 

Rider on the Road to Oare, 2020, Pencil, Ink, Gouache on paper 

Woodborough Copse 2018,Watercolour pencilgouache, ink on hand stained paper 

'Bright Clouds' 2021 Mixed media on panel 

Rainscombe Estate Oxpath, (detail) 2018, Watercolour pencilgouache, ink on hand stained paper 

Alder Tree, 2018, Watercolour,  gouache, ink on hand stained paper 

The walled garden -Wisteria 2017. Ink, watercolour on paper 

Shadows in the Arbor, (detail) 2018, Ink. Gouache, Watercolour on hand stained paper 

Distant Thunder, 2019,Acrylicgouache, ink on hand stained paper.